Harbin Park, Fairfield, Ohio
November 5, 2006
Matthew Robbins, Event Director

For helping to pick up controls, a Big Thanks to:
Bill Swift
Kara Chan
Gerald Yip
Katie Williams
David Williams
Adam White
Chuck White

It was a beautiful day at Harbin Park. Although it was chilly early, it warmed up into the 60s in the early afternoon.  The easier courses favored the open southern areas of the park, but the harder courses descended into the northern, forested part of the map---into the large, steep reentrants and into the dense and confusing trail network.

On Green, the three fastest competitors took the left-hand trail route on the long leg.  I didn't think many people would take that trail, and I didn't think it would be faster, but it was.  I think the map needs a little work where that leg's right-hand route leaves the open areas and goes north through the forest.

I noticed a lot of new and changed trails, but nothing that would affect the courses today. I kept thinking this would be a nice park for a sprint series event next summer.  The map looks a lot simpler than it really is---some of the large vegetation features in the open areas are confusing, particularly if you're doing short legs with lots of direction changes.  Also, the rolling terrain and vegetation sometimes limits your ability to see far ahead.

I had a blast designing the courses and enjoying the park. I hope everyone who came had a good time.

Yellow Course (2.5 km, 85 m climb)

32:29 Aaron Moeller
41:03 Kara Chan
49:29 Paul and Carolyn Landers
52:50 Pogo (Team)
61:56 The Wares
62:48 Marion Lytle and Leslie Lytle (OCIN)
63:16 (tie)  Daniel Turner
63:16 (tie)  Tom Holland
77:02 Jared Cox (HHS?)
95:50 Christine Stultz, Todd Buchholz, Bethany Toliver

Orange Course (3.4 km, 125 m climb)

30:23 Brennan Lawall (ROKS)
39:12 Larain Sadar
55:42 Katie Williams (MVOC)
60:52 David Williams (OCIN)
71:45 Emily DeYoung (OCIN)
85:21 Eric Weinberg (OCIN)

Brown Course (3.6 km, 100 m climb)

65:26 Claire Dell (OCIN)
73:13 Joyce Whalen (OCIN)

Green Course (4.8 km, 175 m climb)

42:03 Gerald Yip (OCIN)
53:27 Jon Rauschenbach (OCIN)
56:26 Bill Swift (OCIN)
56:55 Pat Meehan (OCIN)
58:24 David Frederick (OCIN)
79:16 Erich Lebreton (OCIN)
82:48 Dick Arnett (OCIN)
83:22 Bob Frey (OCIN)
87:47 Brian DeYoung (OCIN)
99:31 Gary, Matt, and Mark (HHS?)
106:49 Vicki Huseman (OCIN)
122:36 Adam White (OCIN)

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