Mt. Airy Forest, Cincinnati, Ohio
December 2, 2006
Gerald Yip, Event Director
Matthew Robbins, Event Consultant

More photos from Mt. Airy, December 2, 2006

    Thanks to Vicky Huseman, Mike Minium, and Matthew Robbins for the help picking up controls, Brennan Lawall and Greg Sack for the help putting up results.  A special big thank you to Matthew Robbins for the course consulting, for the help setting controls, and for holding down the fort at the Start/Registration area.

    This was my first time setting courses and event directing, so naturally I was nervous.  My worries grew Thursday and Friday when I saw the weather forecast Ė near freezing temperature with possible wind and snow.  Then when the storm and wind came I thought no one will show up!  Luckily, the weather Gods were on our side this Saturday, providing us with clear sunny skies and relatively calm conditions.  It was still a bit chilly (high 30s), but we couldnít have asked for a much better day to be in the woods!

    The turnout for the event was great!  Many club regulars as well as some new faces came out to tackle the hilly terrain of Mt. Airy.  It was a challenge to limit the climb to within a reasonable range, but overall I think most everyone enjoyed themselves out there.

    White and Yellow courses proved to be a bit tough, as a couple of the mapped trails are nowhere to be found in the terrain.  Still, almost everyone navigated their way around the courses just fine.

    Many of the advanced runners decided to get the maximum workout and run Red, making for a fairly heated finish results.  Overall, Iím happy to see that participations were evenly spread among all the courses.  I hope everyone enjoyed the course.  Please email your comments and feedback (on the courses and the event) to (yipg at yahoo dot com).  I would really love to hear about the good and the bad, as this will help me get better at course setting in the future.

White Course (2.0 km, 80 m climb, 10 controls)

39:18     Tyler Metzger (Boy Scout)
51:25     Vernon Click (OCIN)
65:39     John & Elizabeth Grover
77:55     J. Bishop
MP#8 (9 correct controls)     Ray & Kim West

Yellow Course (3.1 km, 135 m climb, 16 controls)

  60:34     Daniel & David Blumenfeld
  63:18     M. Ruwe (OCIN)
  80:21     Karen Mitchell
  99:24     Greg & Justin Bishop
112:39     Kevin Click (ROKS)
112:48     Laura Ruwe (OCIN)
127:48     Marion & Leslie Lytle (OCIN)

Orange Course (4.1 km, 175 m climb, 18 controls)

  57:28     Peter Raine (COO)
  59:05     Gary Collins
  89:18     Joe Garland (OCIN) & Jordan Barnhart
  91:22     Emily DeYoung (OCIN)
  92:13     Aaron Moeller
128:47     Bill Greenwell (OCIN)

Brown Course (3.4 km, 165 m climb, 10 controls)

  41:41     Brennan Lawall (FUNK)
  44:42     Warren Mandrell (OCIN)
  87:21     John Boehm (OCIN)
  88:20     Joyce Walen (OCIN)
  99:35     David Williams (OCIN)
100:32     Bobbi Sack (OCIN)
MP#5 (9 correct controls)     Larah Sadar

Green Course (4.9 km, 230 m climb, 17 controls)

  77:25     Greg Sack (OCIN)
  81:28     Adam White (OCIN)
101:47     Vicky Huseman (OCIN)
MP#1 (16 correct controls)     Bob Frey (OCIN)

Red Course (5.9 km, 280 m climb, 21 controls)

  62:21     Mike Minium (OCIN)
  68:54     Michael Sapper (ICO)
  75:50     Jon Rauschenbach (OCIN)
  82:36     Erick LeBreton (OCIN)
  85:54     Pat Meehan (OCIN)
  86:21     Gimp & Fluffer (MVOC)
  90:38     Matthew Robbins (OCIN)
100:05     Grossart (ICO)
106:09     Brian DeYoung (OCIN)

Orienteering Clubs and Groups
COO = Central Ohio Orienteers, Columbus
FUNK = University of Dayton
ICO = Indiana Crossroads Orienteering, Indianapolis
MVOC = Miami Valley Orienteering Club, Dayton
OCIN = Orienteering Cincinnati
ROKS = Rams Orienteering Klub (Badin HS)

Please let us know if there are any errors in spelling or your club affiliation.

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