Governor Bebb "Midnight in Rio", Okeana, Ohio
December 31, 2006
Mike Minium, Event Director

    13th annual New Year's Eve "Midnight" Orienteering.

    This year, because of the 8th running of the Billy Pig on January 1, we decided that an earlier start for the Midnight O' was appropriate.  So, this year we celebrate "Midnight in Rio".  It is 3 hours earelier in Rio de Janeiro, so we're setting all clocks in Governor Bebb ahead 3 hours, decorating the cabin for Carnival, and ringing in the New Year early!

    The rain had moved on and the moon peaked through openings in the clouds.  Conditions were still wet and slippery, but the temperature remained pleasant for a nighttime run.

"Midnight" Score Course (90 minute score course, 20 controls possible)

points    controls
200             20            57:38   Gerald Yip
130             13        1:22:41    Luke & Janet Gobel
110             11        1:29:59    Frank Baukert
  80                8        1:23:59    Cindy and Kristen Lear, Marge Vanderman

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