Billy Pig VIII and The Piglet
Hueston Woods State Park, Oxford, Ohio
January 1, 2007
Jon Rauschenbach, Event Director

Thanks to Jone Rauschenbach for help with registration and timing, Matthew Robbins for running the SportIdent system, Gerald Yip and Mike Minium for control pickup.

Voices from the forest:  There was a lot of chatter in the pack as the race started out.  As the pack thundered onto the first of many muddy linear swamps also known as horse trails, the following comments were heard:  "This trail's a real mudder!" and "Save a trail, Eat a horse!".  More stories later... Send your comments and anecdotes from the Pig to Mike Minium.

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White Course (2 km, 7 controls)

  49:00    Cheryl Wenner Group

The Piglet (7.5 km, 16 controls)

1:22:33    Mike Minium
1:40:43    Warren Mandrell
1:41:27    Pat Meehan
1:52:05    John Hall
1:56:35    Dick Arnett
2:04:01    Bob Frey
2:51:31    Adam White
3:00:19    Vince Hand
3:12:58    Gary Lester
4:20:49    Frank Baukert
msp #4    Bill Swift
dnf            Luke Gobel
dnf            William Cuszick

The Billy Pig (12.5 km, 26 controls)

2:01:21    Gerald Yip
2:09:54    Gabriel Svobodny
2:11:08    Steve Noller
2:30:31    Dan Mattingly
2:40:38    Tom Possert
2:47:31    Larry Berna
3:03:05    Tom Svobodny
3:22:41    Erick Lebreton
3:39:25    Brennan Lawall
4:25:45    Sara Dallman, Stephanie Ross
5:07:27    Robert Minto
5:41:03    Bill Donnelly
msp         Aaron Rourke

link to Split Times (txt file)

link to (information about all long "goat" style orienteering races).

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