Stanbery Park, Cincinnati, Ohio
March 31, 2007
Bobbi and Greg Sack, Event Directors

This was yet another incarnation of a jointly sponsored meet held with the cooperation and aid of Cincinnati Parks' Nature Education Division. Dick Arnett and Bob Frey arrived early to help set up. Ellie Kennedy handled registration for us and Claire Dell handled starts. Pat Agnew, Director of LaBoiteaux Woods Nature Center and Bobbi handled the orienteering games and lessons. Adam and Chuck White picked up all of our Safari-O / Treasure Hunt games controls. We wish to send out a great big thank you to our volunteers and helpers!

Parks and OCIN split the event by having Parks handle the White and Yellow registration and the training, OCIN dealt with the Orange and Brown registration and courses. After the public event finished, Bobbi and Pat hosted and trained several Girl Scout Troops comprising of over 60 girls. This portion of the event was held after the public event to prevent crowding and to better accomodate the public. A lesson learned for the future: White courses and the games are easy enough to set up on a subsequent weekend. It was far too long and trying of a day.

Regarding the courses, all seemed to really enjoy the park and the event except for one glaring problem. Control #8 was way off. My sincerest apologies! The terrain is complex in this area, we designed the course last year, I was too much in a hurry to complete the appropriate confirmation checks and as a result, I am somewhat mortified. Claire set me right. She pointed out her attack point that she inadvertantly discovered upon overhearing some errant young girls. Again, my apologies.

Public Results:

Marek Polinski 44:48 Skipped Brown 8
Gerald Yip 45:51
Matthew Robbins 54:49
Brian DeYoung 63:25
Dick Arnett 66:36 MP 11
Bob Frey 70:11
Erick LeBreton 75:45
Adam White 87:41
Ellie Kennedy 95:34
Claire Dell 133:30
Tim & Amy DNF
Emily DeYoung DNF
Elizabeth Grover 31:00
Bill & Will 61:30
Chuck White 87:40
Callaway Family 34:11
Bill & Will 35:50
Polinski Family 41:12
Abby Ward & Vivian Dell 43:40
Breslin Sand 50:20
Harry Sand 56:36
Antonio Gorrell 69:30 Missed W5
Karen Kane 69:30 Missed W5
Joyce Whalen DNF

Girl Scout Results:

Beavers 41:01 1 – 7
Ciara O'Samachain & Sarah LaCombe 41:45 7 – 1
Carley, Kara & Sarah 43:03 7 – 1
People 45:34 7 – 1
Kris 103 50:00 1 – 7
Scouts 50:04 1 – 7
Bears 52:22 1 – 7
Dottie 103 54:33 7 – 1
CAM 55:33 1 – 7
Arianna & Mahenna 57:03 1 – 7

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