Camp Friedlander, Loveland, Ohio
April 1, 2007
Joyce Whalen, Event Director

Mike Minium, Course Designer  

Aaron Rourke had his laptop and did an amazing job of entering info as each JROTC team started and finished.  He put the results together by school so the award ceremony had total times for each team.  Aaron also gave a quick introduction to orienteering for the JROTC kids before they went out on the courses.  He deserves tremendous thanks.

Bill Swift picked up all the road signs and Marion Lytle helped pick up controls.  Their help was very much appreciated because it was hot and something of a long day.


Thanks to the volunteers!  We expected about 40 JROTC cadets and the results show nearly 80.


Some people asked about the earlier than normal Sunday start times.  This was done to accommodate the JROTC group for early starts and to keep the event staff / volunteers from having too long a day.


JROTC Team Results


Time            Course          School & Team          Name


0:59:28                    A          Kenton B          Richard Schladant & Drew Vent

1:02:13                    B          Kenton B          Tyler McCafferty & Mike Watkins

1:04:49                    B          Kenton B          Jacob Long & Cody Siebenaler

1:14:23                    A          Kenton B          Tiffany Patton & Christine Watkins



0:49:12                    A          Live Oaks A          Anthony Badagliacco & Mike Arszman

1:05:32                    B          Live Oaks A          Tommy Dietz & Tyler Hooper

1:05:39                    A          Live Oaks A          Aimee O'Brien & Tyler Scott

1:21:42                    B          Live Oaks A          Aaron Leonard & Chris Chomyszak



0:53:11                    A          Grant Co. A          Tylor Walters & Cecil Rose

0:57:52                    A          Grant Co. A          Mike Kelly-Walker & Curtis Morrison

1:12:30                    A          Grant Co. A          Caleb Thornton & Cody Ashcraft

1:25:08                    B          Grant Co. A          Duke Mitchell & Darrell Duncan



0:49:56                    A          Western Brown A          Travis Gillespie & Michael Adams

1:14:01                    B          Western Brown A          Ashley Royce & Jordan Wilhelm

1:16:10                    A          Western Brown A          Zach Rickett & Kenny Lawrence

1:16:40                    B          Western Brown A          Marr Eli & Duncan Josh



1:00:35                    B          Kenton A          Brad Schmidt & Tyler Taylor

1:09:39                    B          Kenton A          Logan Halloran & Bryan Crabtree

1:23:53                    A          Kenton A          Marcus Deerwester & Sam Jones

1:11:54                    A          Kenton A            Ashley Ruminer & Lucas Sons



0:59:35                    B          Live Oaks B          Timmothy Penrod & James Boyd

1:10:50                    B          Live Oaks B          Jacob Hollon & Tim Kincer

1:14:08                    A          Live Oaks B          Michelle O'Brien & Crystal Bush

1:28:19                    A          Live Oaks B          John McMillion & Stryker Salas



1:08:21                    A          Western Brown B          Shanda Donley & Megan White                              

1:20:34                    B          Western Brown B          Ronald Adams & Kayla Brown                              

1:24:59                    A          Western Brown B          Chris Traylor & Zack Lewis                              

1:33:16                    B          Western Brown B          Brittany Ramsey & Kaila Noland                              



1:05:58                    A          Grant Co. B          Jacob Ashcraft & Jacob Sargent                              

1:15:17                    B          Grant Co. B          Nichole Davis & Brandon Bunning                              

1:33:23                    A          Grant Co. B          Carl Taylor & Greg Denney                              

1:48:25                    B          Grant Co. B          Cindel Brewer & Zach Walters                              



1:48:43                    B          Live Oaks Support          Chris Berchtold & Andrew Tobias & Tyler Johnson                              

1:38:55                    A          Live Oaks Support          Alex Grimes & Thomas Chapman                              




JROTC Individual Results


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Time          Course          School           Name


0:49:12          A          Live Oaks                   Anthony Badagliacco & Mike Arszman

0:49:56          A          Western Brown          Travis Gillespie & Michael Adams

0:53:11          A          Grant Co.                   Tylor Walters & Cecil Rose

0:57:52          A          Grant Co.                   Mike Kelly-Walker & Curtis Morrison

0:59:28          A          Kenton                       Richard Schladant & Drew Vent

0:59:35          B          Live Oaks                  Timmothy Penrod & James Boyd

1:00:35          B          Kenton                       Brad Schmidt & Tyler Taylor

1:02:13          B          Kenton                       Tyler McCafferty & Mike Watkins

1:04:49          B          Kenton                       Jacob Long & Cody Siebenaler

1:05:32          B          Live Oaks                  Tommy Dietz & Tyler Hooper

1:05:39          A          Live Oaks                  Aimee O'Brien & Tyler Scott

1:05:58          A          Grant Co.                   Jacob Ashcraft & Jacob Sargent

1:08:21          A          Western Brown          Shanda Donley & Megan White

1:09:39          B          Kenton                       Logan Halloran & Bryan Crabtree

1:10:50          B          Live Oaks                  Jacob Hollon & Tim Kincer

1:11:54          A          Kenton                       Ashley Ruminer & Lucas Sons

1:12:30          A          Grant Co.                   Caleb Thornton & Cody Ashcraft

1:14:01          B          Western Brown          Ashley Royce & Jordan Wilhelm

1:14:08          A          Live Oaks                   Michelle O'Brien & Crystal Bush

1:14:23          A          Kenton                       Tiffany Patton & Christine Watkins

1:15:17          B          Grant Co.                   Nichole Davis & Brandon Bunning

1:16:10          A          Western Brown          Zach Rickett & Kenny Lawrence

1:16:40          B          Western Brown          Marr Eli & Duncan Josh

1:20:34          B          Western Brown          Ronald Adams & Kayla Brown

1:21:42          B          Live Oaks                   Aaron Leonard & Chris Chomyszak

1:23:53          A          Kenton                       Marcus Deerwester & Sam Jones

1:24:59          A          Western Brown          Chris Traylor & Zack Lewis

1:25:08          B          Grant Co.                   Duke Mitchell & Darrell Duncan

1:28:19          A          Live Oaks                  John McMillion & Stryker Salas

1:33:16          B          Western Brown          Brittany Ramsey & Kaila Noland

1:33:23          A          Grant Co.                   Carl Taylor & Greg Denney

1:38:55          A          Live Oaks                   Alex Grimes & Thomas Chapman

1:48:25          B          Grant Co.                   Cindel Brewer & Zach Walters

1:48:43          B          Live Oaks                   Chris Berchtold & Andrew Tobias & Tyler Johnson



OCIN and Public Orienteers

Time     Club      Name


White Course, 2.2 km, 70 m climb, 8 controls

1:58:52                    Cub Scout Pack 19 (Tara Ante)

1:56:51                    Cub Scout Pack 19 (Kris Totten-Midd)

1:54:59                    Cub Scout Pack 19 (Jenny McCray)


Yellow A Course, 3.8 km, 120 m climb, 15 controls

1:25:23                    Kara Chan

1:47:01                    Ben, Bob & Elena

1:49:13                    Frogs (BS Troop 672)


Yellow B Course, 3.8 km, 120 m climb, 15 controls

1:17:15          OCIN      Jim & Andrew Callaway

1:54:42                    Scorpions (BS Troop 672)


Orange Course, 4.5 km, 140 m climb, 12 controls

0:42:08                    Laura Ruwe, Betty Kost, Mary Holland & Cinci Stowell

1:43:22                    Mad Cow

1:46:07                    Bad Back Al

2:09:41          OCIN      Robert Rice


Green Course, 4.9 km, 160 m climb, 14 controls

0:37:55          OCIN      Gerald Yip

0:44:51          COO       Sergei Preobrazhensky

0:57:09          OCIN      Jon Rauschenbach

1:02:47          OCIN      Erick Lebreton

1:05:57          OCIN      Dick Arnett

1:07:39          OCIN      Matt Robbins

1:11:08          COO       Alexander Preobrazhensky

1:15:21          OCIN      Bob Frey

1:35:43          OCIN      Kathy Alsept & Ellie Kennedy                             

0:37:50          OCIN      Bill Swift (found 10 controls – blister due to new shoes.)


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