Governor Bebb Metropark, Okeana, Ohio
April 7, 2007
Mike Minium, Event Director

Thanks to Jon Rauschenbach and Warren Mandrell for their help picking up controls and road signs!  Also, the Bill Donnelly group carried back some controls and egg baskets.  Greg & Bobbi Sack helped put up banners & set up registration.


It was bitterly cold, with a near record low in the low 20’s, and the temperature never managed to creep above freezing.  A strong wind blew through the open-sided shelter, and while it was easy to keep warm if you were moving through the woods, it was a very cold day at the registration/start/finish.  The cold, coupled with a few light snow flurries must have discouraged most parents and children from coming out, so there were very few participants in the egg hunts on the white courses.  Those who returned with baskets of eggs chose from various toys and bags of candy, with small compasses, flying discs, Peeps, and peanut butter cups proving to be the most popular.


Wood ducks were seen in the creek, a barred owl was heard calling, and a very friendly grey cat attached itself to the Bosley group, following them around most of the course.

short white course, 1.3 km, 20 m climb, 7 controls

39:10   Bigham family

44:50   Joe, Grace, June and Tim Meehan

long white course, 2.4 km, 30 m climb, 10 controls

72:15   Bosley Family

yellow course, 3.2 km, 40 m climb, 12 controls

52:55   Ron Reynolds

57:32   Avery Reynolds, Ben Hallenbeck

72:00   Owens

84:17   Margi Garrett & Brian DeYoung

104:26 Laura Ruwe group

orange course, 4.3 km, 110 m climb, 14 controls

125:50 Bill Donnelly, Will & Sam

green course, 4.6 km, 160 m climb, 14 controls

46:16   Jon Rauschenbach

48:10   Warren Mandrell

58:03   Greg Sack

68:35   Eric LeBreton

84:22   Bob Frey

109:29 Victoria Huseman

found 8             Bobbi Sack


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