Rentschler Forest, Hamilton, Ohio

April 20, 2011

Event Director: Mike Minium


            It was a cloudy, chilly and damp afternoon.  Although rain had ended early in the morning, it still did not look like a pleasant day to be outside, and the trails were extremely sloppy and muddy.  Runners on yellow and above found a couple of their potential route choices blocked by standing water, and at the edge of the park, the Great Miami River was roaring like the Niagara, hungrily lapping just a couple feet below the level of one control.  Debris of all manner floated by, including whole trees, one looking like it was big enough to have done in the Titanic, were she still afloat.  In spite of appearances, it really was a pleasant temperature for running, but few orienteers were bold enough to come out and try.


            Thanks to Matthew Robbins, Dave Waller, Tom Svobodny and Caterina Svobodny for control pickup help.


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created by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2007

Place   Stno Name                               YB Club                          Class       Time 
White  (3)              1.3 km   7 C                       
    1      4 Svobodny, Caterina                    MVOC                          WTPSF      26:30 
    2     11 Alyssa Bosley, Ethan Bosley           OCIN                          WO         32:18 
    3      9 Kems, Austin                          Unk                           WTPSM      35:00 
Yellow  (2)             3.0 km   14 C                      
           7 Shaw, Patricia                        MVOC                          YO    2:30:39 mp
           5 Garrett, Marjorie                     OCIN                          YO            mp 
Orange  (1)             3.5 km   14 C                      
    1      1 Settlemoir, Rex                       OCIN                          OO       1:06:36 
Brown  (1)              2.4 km   13 C                      
    1      2 Michael Darby, Bob Darby              OCIN                          BrnO     1:06:24 
Green  (4)              4.4 km   16 C                      
    1     10 Waller, Dave                          OCIN                          GrnM       46:23 
    2      3 Svobodny, Tom                         MVOC                          GrnM       52:18 
    3      8 Robbins, Matthew                      MVOC                          GrnM     1:13:56 
    4      6 DeYoung, Brian                        OCIN                          GrnM     1:17:47 
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