Fort St. Clair, Eaton, OH

June 30, 2012

Event Director: Jon Rauschenbach


Thanks to all who helped with the event including Matthew Robbins (SI) and the Minto Family (control pickup).


Late Friday afternoon saw a rare event for central and southern Ohio; a storm front that Texans might call a Blue Norther swept through the area.  As temperatures plunged 25 or 30 degrees in an hour, strong winds dropped trees, power and phone lines were cut, and city officials scrambled to close the park.  After the storm passed, a quick inspection revealed that while there were a few large trees down near the park entrance, the park road was clear of all but a few small branches, and there was no reason for the event not to proceed.  Calls were made to city officials, and after a little waffling, they ended up assuring us that the park would be open as normal at 8 am.  Pat and Mike removed the fingers that were poised to send the dreaded event cancellation emails and web site updates.  The stage was set.


Morning came.  The park did not open.  The police officer who came by on rounds assured the event director that the park would NOT open today.  More calls were made and the following agreement was eventually reached.  The park gates would not open and we would not have official permission to run.  But, they would not stop anyone from entering the park and we could do so “at our own risk”.  So, we operated from a small roadside parking area at the park exit.  There was a good warm-up walk of 750 or 800 meters to the start and the same cool-down hike to return from the finish.  Matthew and Mike hauled the computer and batteries down to a gazebo near the finish.  Jon did registration at the roadside.  It was hot, it was humid, but it was fun.


Meanwhile, outside the park, residential neighbors continued to swelter without power; here and there a generator hummed, and sometimes the roar of a chainsaw was heard.  But in the park, wood thrush and peewee sang, bees buzzed (one a little too close to Brenda Blacklock) and orienteers raced through the fields and forests.  A creative control placement in a tunnel under the road, and another at the top of a slide in the playground provided added entertainment.




Sat 6/30/2012 14:06


created by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

Place   Stno Name                                       Club                         Class       Time    Diff. 
White  (5)              2.8 km   13 C                      
    1      7 Rob Minto                                  ICO                          S1M        18:01     0:00 
    2      4 Aidan Minto                                ICO Northview MS             S1M        23:40     5:39 
    3      6 Brenda Blacklock                           ICO                          S1F        27:07     9:06 
    4     16 Caterina Svobodny                          MVOC                         S1F        39:15    21:14 
    5     14 The Knights                                MVOC                         S1T      1:01:43    43:42 
Yellow  (5)             3.5 km   18 C                      
    1     17 Rob Minto                                  ICO                          S2M        27:42     0:00 
    2     18 Mike Minium                                OCIN                         S2M        29:33     1:51 
    3     19 Aidan Minto                                ICO Northview MS             S2M        40:45    13:03 
    4      8 Bill Greenwell                             OCIN                         S2M      1:02:41    34:59 
    5     13 Patricia Shaw                              MVOC                         S2F      1:40:52  1:13:10 
Orange  (9)             4.5 km   19 C                      
    1     15 Tom Svobodny                               MVOC                         S3M        34:47     0:00 
    2     20 Jon Rauschenbach                           OCIN                         S3M        35:31     0:44 
    3      5 Mike Minium                                OCIN                         S3M        35:34     0:47 
    4      2 Rob Minto                                  ICO                          S3M        38:08     3:21 
    5      9 Pat Meehan                                 OCIN                         S3M        45:36    10:49 
    6      1 Aidan Minto                                ICO Northview MS             S3M        50:42    15:55 
    7     12 Brian DeYoung                              OCIN                         S3M        58:39    23:52 
    8     11 Matthew Robbins                            OCIN                         S3M        59:08    24:21 
    9      3 Brenda Blacklock                           ICO                          S3F      1:01:49    27:02 
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