Possum Creek, Dayton, Ohio
February 9, 2013
Tom Svobodny, Event Director

Thanks to all volunteers who helped with this event.

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time - TROL points - name and school

White TROL Primary School Female (3.4 km, 35 m, 13 controls)
41:18 1000 Caterina Svobodny, Harman Elem (2nd of 7 overall on white)

Yellow TROL Middle School Male (3.8 km, 55 m, 9 controls)
Note: Due to a mis-placed control, the yellow course (for purposes of TROL) was trucated at control 8.
Times for start thru control 8 (shown below) are used for TROL standings.

28:27 1000 Dylan Poe, Union County MS (1st of 14 overall on yellow)
31:06 915 Aidan Minto, Northview (2nd overall)
34:35 823 Ethan Hornung, Union County MS (3rd overall)
34:37 822 Brennan Hertel, Union County MS (4th overall)
52:12 545 Alex Yancey, Union County MS (6th overall)

Orange TROL HSJV Male (5.4 km, 65 m, 11 controls)
1:52:44 1000 Michael Darby, Mason HS (4th of 11 overall on orange)
missed 1 175 Caleb Greene, Union County MS

Green TROL HS Varsity Male (5.2 km, 75 m, 13 controls)
1:16:10 1000 Addison Bosley, Lloyd HS (1st of 13 overall on green)


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