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February 14, 2016

Tom Svobodny, Event Director


Miami Valley Orienteering Club Event


Thanks to the volunteers who helped with this event,


Full results are at the Miami Valley Orienteering Club website

TROL 2015-2016 season standings

Results by Age Class (TROL courses only):


primary school male (white)

1000     25:16     John Ratermann     Holy Angels


middle school male (yellow)

1000     14:21     Jordan Hertel     Union County MS

  634     22:37     Eric Porter     Union County MS

  567     25:18     Noah Pavey     Union County MS

    75        dnf       Mahlon Page     Union County MS


middle school female (yellow)

1000     40:13     Priscilla Kelley     Union County MS

  488  1:22:25     Sophie Ratermann     Holy Angels


junior varsity male (orange)

1000     45:01     Luke Bantz     Union County MS

    50        dnf       Ben Bond     Ohio Connections Academy

    25        dnf       Nate Burress     Union County MS


varsity male (green)

1000     1:37:26     James Reeder     Union County HS

  606     2:40:50     Nathan Bantz     Union County HS

  428     3:47:35     Nathaniel Fleenor     Loveland HS


adult male (purple)

1000     1:53:43     Gabe Svonbodny     MVOC

  996     1:54:13     Aidan Minto     ICO

  802     2:21:44     Rob Minto     ICO

  776     2:26:28     Mike Minium     OCIN

  752     2:31:12     Matt Bond     MVOC

  598     3:10:08     Greg Fasig     OCIN

      0         dnf          Ben Hart     OCIN


adult female (purple)

1000     3:00:01     Stephanie Ross     OCIN



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