MVOC Germantown

March 19, 2016

Matt Bond, Event Director


Thanks to the volunteers who helped with this event,


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TROL 2015-2016 season standings

TROL Results by Age Class:


Primary School Male (white)

1          34:19              Eli Schweinfest          St Peter in Chains


Middle School Female (yellow)

            dnf                   Sophie Ratermann    Holy Angels


Middle School Male (yellow)

1          30:45              Mahlon Page             Union County Middle School

2          37:13              Jordan Hertel             Union County Middle School

3          43:33              Eric Porter                 Union County Middle School


Junior Varsity Male (orange)

1              36:52          Luke Bantz                 Union County Middle School

2              41:55          Nate Burress             Union County Middle School

3              54:33          Skyler Hertel              Union County Middle School

4          1:25:58           Brandon Wyatt           Miami Valley Young Marines

5          1:51:57           Jesse Loper              Miami Valley Young Marines


Varsity Male (green)

1              49:12          Dylan Poe                  Union County High School

2              59:21          James Reeder          Union County High School

3          1:14:24           Alex Yancey               Union County High School

4          1:23:43           Nathan Bantz             Union County High School


Adult female (red)

1          2:31:56           Brenda Blacklock      ICO


Adult male (red)

1          1:17:33           Aidan Minto               ICO

2          1:17:52           Rob Minto                  ICO

3          1:23:11           Mike Minium              OCIN

4          1:51:28           Greg Fasig                OCIN

            dnf                   Steve Barnhart          MVOC



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