Women’s Orienteering Workshop, Camp Butterworth

May 6, 2017

Greg Fasig, Event Director


Thanks to all volunteers who helped with this event.

Instructors: Stephanie Ross, Tracy Burge

Instructional Assistants: Katy Drinkhouse, Cindy Lear, Laura Ruwe, Mimi Ruwe, Joyce Whalen

Technical Assistance and Control Pickup: Mike Minium, Matthew Robbins, Ben Hart

Thanks to REI for contribution of bandanas and other goodies, as well as pre-event publicity.


Twenty women and girls learned basic orienteering skills at Camp Butterworth, and did two short but challenging courses in the camp.  Some participants stayed after the scheduled ending time, in order to try a third challenging course.  Conditions were wet and sloppy, after several days of drenching rain, but the storms moved on overnight, and skies cleared to mixed clouds and sun, with chilly morning temperatures rising to a comfortable day.


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