Liberty Quest

May 31, 2021

Event Director – Mike Minium


Thanks to all volunteers who helped with this event especially Guy Olsen (Registration), Lisa Goecke (Check-in and sign pickup), Amy Lamborg, Jasper Ralinovsky, Rex Settlemoir (Photos, Clean-up, and Control pickup).  Thanks to Liberty Town Council for approving the event; Union County Foundation for assistance with historical materials, and various Union County Orienteers for allowing your yards to be used as control sites.


30 questions.  2 hours.  A map with 30 circles marking locations throughout the town of Liberty.  The stage was set and the weather was gorgeous.  Temperatures started out just a little on the crisp side for Memorial Day, but mostly sunny skies made it pleasant for running.  Young and old, families and solos, they scattered throughout the town.  All survived, all returned safely, and there were smiles all around as points were added, scores calculated, and medals awarded.


Most of the controls required answering a question about the location, usually readily visible at that point.  In keeping with the Memorial Day timing of the event, orienteers visited the graves of two Veterans, the VFW and American Legion, and a memorial in front of the Fire and Police Station.   There were also 8 temporary “historic markers” placed around town, mostly in the front yards of Union County HS and MS orienteering team members.  This allowed for interesting historical trivia questions to be placed in the residential parts of town, even though the events described did not always happen precisely at that location.  One local asked if the markers were going to remain for Liberty’s Bicentennial celebration this summer, and perhaps some of them will return in more permanent form, as several of them were originally designed by Union County Foundation with the intent of being placed around the courthouse square in 2019, but town budget and site constraint issues intervened.


There were 30 controls worth 10 points each, so 300 points were possible.  Theresa and Jared Grissom were given one extra point for graciously pointing out a spelling error in one of the questions.  There was a penalty of 10 points per minute for exceeding 2 hours, and only Amy Lamborg lost points due to tardiness.


Photos from this event

Route Gadget is not available for this event since electronic timing was not used.



Place   Class   Points    Time      Name                        City

 1        M 17-20    300    1:33:31    Jasper Ralinovsky     Oxford, OH

 2        M 50-59    300    1:53:50    Thomas Martineau    Zionsville IN

 3        F 60-69     270    2:01:53    Amy Lamborg           Oxford, OH

 4        F 60-69     260    1:56:30    Judith Martineau       Zionsville IN

 5        M 70-79    250    1:57:40    Rex Settlemoir          Cincinnati, OH

 6t       F 50-59     241    1:40:40    Theresa Grissom      Liberty IN

 6t       M 13-16    241    1:40:40     Jared Grissom         Liberty, IN

 8        F 50-59     240    1:46:00     Linette Barry            Ft Wayne, IN

 9        F 70-79     240    1:55:40     Claire Dell               Cincinnati, OH

10       M 21-39    230    1:29:55     Noa Dannaker         Richmond, IN

11       M 50-59    230    1:56:15     Dave Lane               Loveland, OH

12       M 50-59    230    1:59:18     Andrew Barry           Ft Wayne, IN

13t      M 0-12      190    1:52:00     Brennan Sanders     Frankton, IN

13t      M 0-12      190    1:52:00     Brighton Sanders     Frankton, IN

13t      F 60-69     190    1:52:00     Marie Sanders         Frankton, IN

16t      M 0-12      180    1:52:00     Braylon Sanders      Frankton, IN

16t      M 60-69    180    1:52:00     Brian Sanders          Frankton, IN

18t      F 13-16     170    1:53:54     Julianna Goecke      Liberty, IN

18t      M 13-16    170    1:53:54     Maliki Clarkston        Liberty, IN

20       F 0-12       110    1:57:30     Lillian Goecke          Liberty, IN


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