Amazing Charity Race

August 28, 2021

Challenge Director: Mike Minium


Thanks to all volunteers who helped with this event!

Rex Settlemoir, Matthew Robbins, Claire Dell, Bruce Moore, Shane DaWalt

Jasper Ralinovsky, Noa Dannaker, Aleighla Creager, Hayden Creager, Dylan Gonyer, Maliki Clarkston, Evan Nobbe


It was a very hot and humid, sunny day, as OCIN organized Challenge 16, a MAZE orienteering at this year’s Amazing Charity Race.  Some 250 pairs of racers got to experience a quick taste of orienteering, finding 6 controls in a small maze.


Photos from this event



Results by Course:

The fastest teams (2) completed a maze in 1 minute 13 seconds.  Jasper Ralinovsky and Aleighla Creager each beat that time, with Jasper completing one of the 4 courses in a blistering 49 seconds.  Thanks to Bruce Moore, we have an aerial drone video of Jasper running one of the maze courses.


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