Pi Day at Lakota West High School

March 3, 2023

Event Director and Course Setter: Mike Minium


Thanks to all who helped with this event!

Photography, Instruction: Rex Settlemoir

Control Set-up: Jim Benton

Set-up and Control Pickup: Dylan Gonyer, Lillian Goecke, Peyton Creager, Rex Settlemoir


The skies opened up before dawn on Friday, continuing with an epic all-day deluge.  By 4:30, showers were off and on, but they never failed to materialize in time to drench the course setters as they completed their rounds.   The wind picked up and by the time of clean-up, it was a strong and bitter blast indeed.


This was a free orienteering event in conjunction with Lakota’s annual Pi-Day program, which featured dozens of different interesting and exciting activities.  Between 50 and 100 people tried an indoor score orienteering course, and several seemed very interested and signed up to receive our email newsletter.   There were 3 outdoor courses on the school grounds: easy, medium, and hard, ranging from 1.4 to 2.3 km.  Sopping ground and puddles of standing water made all but the most hardy hesitant to even consider the outdoor courses, but 3 brave Union County students did the medium course.  Peyton Creager completed the 1.6 km, 11 control course in 25 minutes flat, while Dylan Gonyer and Lillian Goecke made it around in 31:41, but unfortunately made a careless mis-punch at one control.


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