Liberty Quest 2023

May 29, 2023


Event Director and Course Planner: Mike Minium


Thanks to all volunteers who helped with this event especially Rex Settlemoir (photography), Noa Dannaker and the Grissoms (control pickup).Several others helped set up and take down the start and finish banners and unload/load equipment.Thanks to all.


The weather was nearly perfect for an urban run, sunny but cool enough for runners to avoid serious overheating or dehydration.


I try to make questions as unambiguous as possible, but sometimes people still get confused (not necessarily by their own fault).The Veteranís graves in the cemetery are always challenging because there are so many veteran graves.Eugene Frasur was the most difficult this year Ė the plaque with his name and service record was only on the back side of the monument, and there were many other veteran graves next to each other.


Other controls that gave people the most difficulty included 12 by the grain elevators (people looked at the adjacent building), 27 the elementary school door number on the NE side of the building (people looked on the SW side instead), 5 (people looked at a nearby marker post instead of the corner post of the fence), and 28 (people wrote down the name of the author instead of the book title).


Photos from this event


Controls Visited / Points earned by each participant (PDF)


Questions and Answers (PDF)




1††††††† 300†††† 2:23:00†††††††† M 70-79††††††† Rex Settlemoir

2††††††† 295†††† 1:07:30†††††††† M 21-39††††††† Dylan Poe

3††††††† 295†††† 1:10:30†††††††† M 40-49††††††† Mattias Eriksson

4††††††† 295†††† 1:32:05†††††††† M 13-16††††††† Alex Eriksson

5††††††† 290†††† 1:40:30†††††††† M 13-16††††††† Jared Grissom

6††††††† 290†††† 1:41:00†††††††† F 50-59†††††††† Theresa Grissom

7††††††† 290†††† 1:50:45†††††††† M 21-39††††††† Noa Dannaker

8††††††† 290†††† 2:08:32†††††††† M 40-49††††††† Steve Barnhart

9T††††† 280†††† 2:28:05†††††††† F 40-49†††††††† Karen Lane

9T††††† 280†††† 2:28:05†††††††† M 60-69††††††† Dave Lane

11T††† 240†††† 1:55:35†††††††† M-12††††††††††† Brighton, Brennan, Braylon Sanders

11T††† 240†††† 1:55:35†††††††† M 60-69††††††† Brian Sanders

11T††† 240†††† 1:55:35†††††††† F 60-69†††††††† Marie Sanders

16††††† 235†††† 2:19:40†††††††† M 70-79††††††† Jim Carter

17††††† 230†††† 2:25:10†††††††† M 70-79††††††† Bill Greenwell

18††††† 210†††† 2:25:00†††††††† F 80+†††††††††† Claire Dell

19T††† 100†††† 1:21:00†††††††† M-12††††††††††† Ash and Oak Fisher

19T††† 100†††† 1:21:00†††††††† F 40-49†††††††† Sarah Fisher



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