A History of
The Billy Pig  and The Piglet

    The Billy Pig is a long, difficult course in the Billygoat tradition. Billygoat-style races differ from regular orienteering in that are mass-start, following is explicitly allowed, and it is generally allowed to skip one control or to pick which of two optional "forked" controls to visit. This means navigation is required, and people following without navigating often fail to visit all the required controls.

    Some other annual events in the Billygoat tradition include the Golden Goat (California), Rocky Mountain Goat (usually Colorado or Wyoming), Bubba Goat (rotates among clubs in the southeast including Alabama, Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas), the Possum Trot (Kansas City Area) and some just called Billygoat or similar.

    Often a shorter version of the course is also offered, with names such as "Junior Goat", "The Kid", or in OCIN's case, "The Piglet".

Billy Pig IX     January 3, 2010
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
Billy Pig 13.3 km, Piglet 6.4 km
    Results of Billy Pig IX, January 3, 2010

Billy Pig VIII     January 1, 2007
Hueston Woods, Oxford, Ohio
Billy Pig 12.5 km, Piglet 7.5 km
    Results of Billy Pig VIII, January 1, 2007

Billy Pig VII     January 28, 2006
Miami Whitewater Forest, Harrison, Ohio
Billy Pig 12.9 km, Piglet 7.5 km
    Results of Billy Pig VII, January 28, 2006

Billy Pig VI     January 2, 2005
Mounds State Recreation Area, Brookville, Indiana
Billy Pig 11 km, Piglet 6 km
    Results of Billy Pig VI, January 2, 2005

Billy Pig V     November 8, 2003
McFarlan Woods & Mt. Airy Forest, Cincinnati, Ohio
Billy Pig 12.8 - 14.5 km, Piglet 6.0 - 6.6 km
    Results of Billy Pig V, November 8, 2003

Billy Pig IV     November 17, 2002
Fort Ancient State Historic Site, Lebanon, Ohio
Billy Pig 12.5 km, Piglet 7.5 km
        Results from the 2002 Billy Pig at Fort Ancient
        Report from the 2002 Billy Pig by Eric Buckley

Billy Pig III     November 19, 2001
Miami Whitewater Forest, Harrison, Ohio
Steve Vaughan, Director

The Billy Pig
12.5 km, 560 m. climb, 23 controls

Columns below show:
    finish place, total time, split time at control #12, control which was skipped,
    forks (A or B) for 5, 10 and 15, competitor name, age and home club.

1    1:45:50    0:45:51    skip 11    5A, 10A, 15A    Eric Buckley        38    SLOC
2    2:10:40    0:58:15    skip 13    5A, 10B, 15B    Pat Meehan          47    OCIN
3    2:16:30    0:55:15    skip 06    5B, 10A, 15B    Mike Minium        41    OCIN
4    2:21:45    1:01:00    skip 17    5A, 10B, 15B    Matt Bond            41    MVOC
5    2:27:30    1:02:00    skip 14    5A, 10B, 15B    Bob Huebner        54    COO
6    2:46:35    1:01:00    skip 08    5A, 10A, 15B    Margie Huseman   20    OCIN    (1st female)
7    2:53:20    1:10:00    skip 18    5A, 10B, 15B    Jim Trautmann       28
8    2:56:55    1:16:58    skip 13    5B, 10B, 15B    Steve Barnhart, Jeni Sheldon    37, 27    MVOC
9    3:40:00    1:25:00    skip 22    5B, 10B, 15B    Josh Berna            20    MVOC
10  4:06:25    1:50:50    skip 22    5B, 10A, 15B    Larry Berna          41    MVOC
11  4:59:30    2:15:00    skip 17    5B, 10B, 15B    Frank Baukert      33    ICO
lost card                                                                 Jim Dill                 59    ICO

The Piglet 2001
7.5 km, 365 m. climb, 16 controls

1    1:10:00    0:53:00    skip 08    5A, 10B    Jon Rauschenbach        45    OCIN
2    1:11:24    0:53:00    skip 08    5B, 10B    Bill Swift                       53    OCIN
3    1:20:55    0:58:30    skip 11    5A, 10A    Warren Mandrell          45    OCIN
4    1:46:35    ???          skip 08    5A, 10B    Erick Lebreton             48    OCIN
5    1:48:30    ???          skip 07    5A, 10A    Vincent Hand               47    OCIN
6    2:02:15    1:28:00    skip 07    5A, 10B    Dick Arnett                  55    OCIN
7    2:03:45    1:28:00    skip 07    5A, 10B    Bob Frey                     53    OCIN
8    2:28:30    1:54:00    skip 11    5B, 10B    Bob Isburgh                 42    OCIN
9    2:33:40    1:59:00    skip 14    5B, 10B    Claire Dell                    59    OCIN    (1st female)
10  2:55:45    ???          skip 11    5A, 10B    Michael & Stacy          16
11  3:14:25    2:23:00    skip 11    5A, 10B    Dan Dell                      62    OCIN
12  3:36:00    ???          skip 07    5A, 10A    Shannon & Morgan      16
DNF                                                              Laura & Robbie           16
DNF                                                              Katie & Matt               16

Billy Pig II
December 16, 2000
Caesar Creek State Park, Waynesville, Ohio
Director: Steve Vaughan

The Billy Pig    15 km
3:12:52    SMOC    Richard Waldo
3:19:45    MVOC    Matt Bond
3:37:45                    Aaron Rourke and Joe Garland
3:38:30    OCIN      Mike Minium
3:42:00    OCIN      Pat Meehan
6:55:00    OCIN      David Crane
smart enough to quit early:
    Carl Sack, Bill Swift, Steve Barnhart, Dennis Elston

The Piglet    6.6 km
1:21:00    OCIN    Warren Mandrell
1:56:00    OLOU    Dan Mattingly

From The Event Director:

 With the recent adventure racing fad, I have often said that orienteering is the key skill to know in adventure racing.  Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how much strength and endurance you have if you can’t find your way.  In my mind orienteering is adventure racing on a small and reasonable scale.  The 2000 Billy Pig proves that.

 I knew we were going to be in trouble by the weather forecast.  We had just had our first measurable snowfall earlier in the week, but that was soon to change with warmer temperatures (40 degrees), and rain.  Rain began to fall in earnest at 10 pm Friday night and didn’t stop until after 2 pm Saturday (after most everyone was finished).  The rain never gave up.  It turned babbling brooks and dry ditches into raging torrents.  Unfortunately there were a number of streams to cross.  In fact those who had top finishes did so due to swimming, literally, (either intentionally or unintentionally).

 As I was creating the course for this Billy Pig, I kept in mind the notes from the “Official” Billy Goat guidelines: “Try not to set a course where the best men will finish in 90 minutes, but the juniors, F55s, and novices will all perish halfway through”.  Today many of the area’s finest orienteers would perish.

 I admire everyone who even came out on this day!  Of 18 runners signed up to run only 5 didn’t show up (I probably would have been one of them).  Pouring rain and 40 degrees sent off the 13 runners who started the Pig and Piglet.    Two runners came from Michigan (they left at 3:45 AM), and one from Louisville.

 I truly admire everyone who came out and ran.  Chris Jacobs came out for the first time and ran white and then yellow.  Since he really enjoyed orienteering in this weather I think he will enjoy this sport for life.  Welcome to the Club, Chris!  Another brave soul from MVOC, Lisa Price, also came out for a little orienteering practice in the rain.

 I really need to extend a special thank-you to Greg Sack who manned the halfway stop and started the Piglets (from a remote start).  He guarded the food, and checked everyone in as they passed the mid-way stop.  I couldn’t have done it without his help.  Also, thanks to Ellie Kennedy who braved the weather to help.  Ellie waited around until close to noon, to complete the yellow course and pick up controls.  Actually Ellie ended up picking up both white and yellow!  Anyone who has directed orienteering meets before will acknowledge what a great help this is, especially in this weather.

 There was only one more little issue of the day.  That would be David Crane.  It seems David didn’t understand the 5 hour deadline for finishing.  Greg reported David was 3 hours at the midpoint so we knew it would be close if he was going to make the 5 hour deadline.  I don’t think David knew about the deadline, and he may have been the smartest one, as he chose to hike the Billy Pig at a more comfortable pace.  But because of high water obstacles David emerged from the woods almost 7 hours after the start, and about 5 minutes before a call to Search and Rescue.  David was fine, and in great spirits, heading for the last control (which I had already removed).  So David finished the race 2 hours after the deadline.  We were just glad he was safe and having fun.  Also thanks to Bill Swift and Mike Minium (who had to be tired) for checking back in after they ate and helping look for David and waiting until he came out of the woods.

 I hope everyone who participated stayed healthy.  I didn’t.  I got sick the next day!

  Take nothing away from these competitors who started any of these races, no matter where or if they finished.  Conditions were hard to say the least.  The first half of the Billy Pig alone was 8.4k, and almost everyone that dnf’ed, visited all but two or three controls.  But then again it’s not supposed to be easy, everyone is not supposed to finish…that’s why it ‘s the Billy Pig!

Assorted Random Thoughts:

Pat Meehan:
    (debating the date for the next Pig)  Personally I find Saturday October 27 too early to hold the Billy Pig!  Maybe mid November at  the earliest.

Carl Sack:

 Are you kidding?! I d**n near froze out there last Saturday!!! (and you
didn't make things better with your "oh, did you find it yet?" trick, you b*****d!)

Mike Minium:

 In the continuing debate over Billy Pig dates, one thing Pat did not
mention is that late October is still in the HS Cross Country Season, the
weekend before state championship.  Thus having an event that Saturday
would automatically eliminate  Pat from competing (He coaches a girl's HS
team).   That might also impact other potential competitors.  Thoughts?
 A major plus for the Sat, Oct 27 date, Steve Vaughan has agreed to
set (for the 2nd year in a row), probable park would be Miami-Whitewater.

Pat Meehan:

 Mike is absolutely correct.  I have not enjoyed any event as much as I
enjoyed the Billy Pig.  For two years in a row I had a marvelous time.  The
cold, rain and roaring streams added a level of challenge I cannot find
 I do not want to miss next years event.  However, Coaching the 14th ranked
girls CC team in the state comes first for me.  October would rule me out.
I would not be happy.
 Carl, I hope you did not lose much time to my feign and ploy. I actually
learned this maneuver from our friend Tom Murphy, the master of the "deer in
the head lights" look.
 It might please you to know that Immediately prior to our encounter I was in
second place and destined to win my second Billy Pig.  While I attempted to
foil your odds of besting me I was already into an error of 180 degree
nature.  I vaguely recall overshooting the control and doubling back about
75 meters. Thus I was heading into the control from the wrong direction and
I was too brain dead to realize that I was exiting the same.  This was
compounded by my impromtu devious act. I was running as fast as I dare to
lead you away from the control.  Unbeknownst to me I was running an unknown
distance in an uncertain direction. To this day I do not know where I was.
I do know that I never recovered.  Never relocated.  Did not notice a bridge
to #18.  And ended up losing over 30 minutes and ultimately the entire event
due to that 5 second encounter.
 I wish I had stopped and held your hand to the 16th control.  WE BOTH would
have been the better.
 My apologies,


 PS   Move the Billy Pig to a date we can all enjoy.

Matt Bond:

 Did you go around to the road or did you end up being washed into the
reservoir?  I first intended to cross it off the large spur from 17 to
18, but after looking at the current (class 4 or 5 rapids) decided to
backtrack a bit to the bridge.

 I did cross the little stream heading to 24.  It looked very crossable,
so I waded in.  Almost half way across I was up to my waist (your
shoulders), and at that point the current took me and I was up to my
neck in the 40 degree water.  I swam the rest of the way across, and
really chilled every extremity.  I didn't warm up until I put dry
clothes on and was almost home.

 16th control??  So that's why you were heading in such a strange
direction when I saw you.  At the time I was relocating after missing my
first attack on the 16th control.

 I think Mike Kearns would have liked it, as he's told me he likes primal O' conditions.

Pat Meehan:

 When I saw you near that spur I was still trying to figure out where I was.
I was very shocked to have lying before me this huge valley and rip roaring
stream.  I had, just minutes before, run into an uncharted lake; haha,  now
this.  What was next?  I finally found #17 and then searched for a suitable
crossing point of the raging river.  None was to be found until I exited the
park at some country road.  This was had only after scrambling through fight
that was rather undocumented.

 I can appreciate your near succumbing to hypothermia.  I had an encounter
with the very small stream at #22.  I (we) had to cross the stream and there
was no bridge.  It was too far across for me to jump;  what, maybe 6 feet or
more.  I just stepped into it thinking I would step back out of the other
side.  "not going to happen".  I no sooner than stepped into the little
booger, (it was above the knees), than I was knocked down by the force of
the water. (30 inches of water moving 10 miles per hour at about 40 degrees
can overcome this fellow).  Of course, it was after 3 hours of strenuous
travel.  I could feel all of my body heat being sucked away in double time.
It was all I could do to fight my way back upright and CLIMB out of the d**n
thing.  There was NO WAY I would have attempted the "little stream to 24" as
you did.  You are lucky you made it across before you went numb.  (or did

 God, that was a GREAT day to O!!

 Happy Holidays to you all.

Matt Bond:

 Not really numb, but definitely well retreated and shriveled.  After
getting out of the cold water I too would have to use the magnifying
lens on my compass.

Carl Sack:

 I would definately say that Matt is nuts. Then again, I seem to remember trying
to swim across a finger of the lake from 5-7b, so don't take that comment too
seriously ;-)

 Pat - I suppose I forgive you, even though you made me lose about five minutes
allowing Mike to get ahead of me and me to see him at just such a location where
I percieved him as being far ahead and got demoralized and therefore contributed
to my dnfing. Don't expect too much sympathy on you ruined time, though.

 As far as the dates go, how about a compromise - say early or mid November, as soon as possible after cross country season.

Mike Minium:

 I've enjoyed reading all the comments about the race.  I had my own ups
and downs... a couple of my favorites:

 Going from 3 to 4 along the lake shore, I over-shot the sucker.  As I
angled back to it, I watched Carl Sack and Matt Bond doggedly follow in my
footsteps.  Hah, that'll teach you to follow me!

 11 to 15... the chase with Pat Meehan and Carl Sack.  We were back and
forth all through that section... sometimes taking different routes,
sometimes not...

 The halfway stop.  Pat and Carl hit it a few steps ahead of me.  They
also got out before I could get my glasses dried off and pursue.  Going
across the spillway, I could see them ahead, and it felt like I was getting
closer because the steep uphill slowed them down.  Pat was up first, then
Carl.  When I crested the hill, I saw Carl way to my right and guessed he was
going to try to follow the fences.  I decided to aim straight for the control
and try to save a few steps.  Halfway to the control, I heard Pat shout
something to Carl off to my right.  I couldn't see them through the woods,
but I realized with a thrill that I could beat them to the control.  Seconds
later, I saw the control, I could not see them ahead of me, and I ran in and
punched.  I was away again, glancing over my shoulder, expecting to see them
following me into the control, but they were nowhere in sight.  I was elated.

 I hit 17 fast and was on my way back north to the bridge before I saw
either again; I think it was Carl and he was headed for 17, a good minute or
so behind me.

 Unbeknownst to me, when Pat shouted, he had already been to 16 and was
doing his 180 error away from it.  Had it not been for his deception, Carl
would doubtless have been into the control with or ahead of me.

 Meanwhile, I was determined to push hard and widen my lead, and as I
approached 19B was when Carl next spotted me... he was probably only 300 to
500 meters of open ground behind me, but down that long pipe-line
right-of-way, it looked so far that it served to push him over the edge.

 Control 24.  After going way upstream and out to Oregonia Road and having
spent at least 15 minutes fighting slowly through a couple hundred meters of
sodden thickets, I was thoroughly demoralized.  Seeing Pat again at 24 was
like a breath of fresh air.  I was back in the race.  Just seeing Pat and
realizing that I might still be able to beat him gave me an incredible burst
of energy.  Apparently it had the opposite effect on Pat; from there to the
finish I walked away from him.

 I couldn't believe Aaron Rourke and Joe Garland.  They were with the leaders
much of the race.  They punched 25 a hair ahead of me and by racing
diagonally down the hill, I managed to come along side of them as we started
up the final big hill.  It was the closest I would come to them from there to
the finish.  I was sure that with the two of them together, once I got up the
hill, I could walk them down.  It wasn't to be.  They widened the gap all the
way to the finish.

 Anyway, if you've read this far, a couple parting thoughts:

1.  What did everyone think of the new controls we used for the Billy Pig,
the ones with the blue stripe?  (Steve, how did they hold up, or did they all
melt or wash away?)

2.  Let's talk turkey about date for next year.  I think the idea of sometime
in November is a good one.  We can put a different local meet on the weekend
with Germantown to make a regional meet if we want.  Of course a big part
rests with Steve, who has volunteered to meet direct again... moving into mid
or late Nov might be a problem for him.  Keep the thoughts coming.

The First Billy Pig
December 18, 1999
Hueston Woods State Park, Oxford, Ohio
Director: Joel Rauschenbach

The Billy Pig    14.52 km, 24 controls
2:46:18    OCIN    Pat Meehan
2:50:48    OCIN    Tom Murphy
3:02:46    COO     Bob Huebner
3:42:12    OCIN    Carl Sack (1st junior)
                              Bill Swift

The Piglet        7.73 km, 13 controls
1:41:13    OCIN    Tom Kopp
1:57:06    OCIN    Steve Vaughan
2:06:34    COO     Janice Huebner (1st junior, 1st female)
2:29:30    OCIN    Erick Lebreton
3:21:30    OCIN    Ellie Kennedy
                              Bob Frey

    Carl Sack lost time on a mis-placed control on a split leg.  Nobody else
chose that split.  Erick Lebreton visited both of the split controls.
    The weather was pleasant and dry.