Flying Pig XIX Results and Photos

    Left Behind: The Clothing
        Several items were left.    Contact Mike Minium to claim.
               grey long sleeve t-shirt with small Bengals logo, medium
               dark blue long sleeve shirt with half length front zipper, medium
               several gloves and ski caps of various styles and colors
               Midland 2-way radio
               set of Saturn car keys found on trail (turned in to the lodge).

    Award Medals and Maps
        If you would like award medals or maps mailed to you, please contact Mike Minium
        We will not automatically mail unclaimed medals and maps, but after a few weeks we will recycle unclaimed medals back into the OUSA and OCIN supplies.

    Results - Friday, March 27 - U.S. Sprint Championships - Morehead State University
        Friday Results by Class
        Friday Results by Course
        Friday Split Times by Class
        Friday Split Times by Course

    Results - Saturday, March 28 - U.S. Long Championships - Carter Caves State Park and Tygarts State Forest
        Saturday Results by Class
        Saturday Results by Course
        Saturday Split Times by Class
        Saturday Split Times by Course

    Results - Sunday, March 29 - U.S. Middle Championships
        Sunday Results by Class
        Sunday Results by Course
        Sunday Split Times by Class
        Sunday Split Times by Course

    AFJROTC Championships
        AFJROTC Championship Results

        Attackpoint Event Listing - discussion threads, split time results, and more