Flying Pig XV Results and Photos

    Thank You to all Volunteers

Dick Arnett                   Results, PA system, Power systems, Guest lodging

Addison Bosley            Control pickup                           Sara Dallman              Control pickup

Claire Dell                   Starts                                       Dan Dell                       Starts

Brian DeYoung            Aid Station                                Jeremy Franklin          Starts, site setup

Brian Fulmer               Aid Station                                Marji Garrett                Aid Station

Vladimir Gusiatnikov   P.A. Announcing, Music             Ben Hart                      Registration, control pickup

Kyle Hertel                   Map bagging and sealing, site setup

Tyler Hertel                  Equipment cleanup                    Bob Isburgh                 Registration, site setup & cleanup

Tom Kopp                    Guest lodging, Equipment preparation     

Leslie Lytle                  Starts                                       Valerie Meyer              Results

Pat Meehan                 Multi-day Results, Equipment preparation           

Mike Minium                Event Director, Course setter (Sat&Sun), Vetter (Fri), Maps

Nikolay Nachev            Site setup & teardown                Guy Olsen                    Registrar

Capt. Dave Pollauf       Saturday Dinner                         Fran Pollauf                 Saturday Dinner

Jon Rauschenbach      Road signs setup and removal     Jone Rauschenbach    Start

Matthew Robbins         Sport Ident / results                    Stephanie Ross            Registration, Control pickup

Capt. Rex Settlemoir   Starts, Site setup & cleanup, Trash Removal

Tom Svobodny            Control pickup                           Keith Vasvary              Princeton HS JROTC food stand

Heidi Vaughan             Vetting, Control pickup               Jameson Vaughan       Control pickup

Parker Vaughan          Vetting, Control pickup               Petr Vaughan              Vetting, Control pickup

Steve Vaughan            Vetting, Control pickup

David Waller                Course Setter (Fri), Vetter, T-shirt design

Wayne Wauligman      Aid Station, Photography            David Williams            Registration, Starts



    Results - Friday, April 1

            Results by Course

            Results by Class

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    Results - Saturday, April 2

            Results by Course

            Results by Class 

                        2011 US Ultralong Champions (gold, silver and bronze) are shown in this file.

            Split Times by Course

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    Results - Sunday, April 3

            Results by Course

            Results by Class

            Split Times by Course

           Split times on


    Overall Flying Pig XV Results

            Overall scores (best 2 races)



    Stories and Reports

            Event report by Nikolay Nachev on O-USA Blogspot