Flying Pig XXII Results and Photos
April 6-8, 2018

    Left Behind: The Clothing
        Black head band found near restrooms at VOA (Sunday) - turned in to MetroParks lost and found
        This hat was found at a control at VOA (Sunday).   
        Contact Mike Minium to claim.

    Award Medals and Maps
        If you would like award medals or maps mailed to you, please contact Mike Minium
        We will not automatically mail unclaimed medals and maps, but after a few weeks we will recycle unclaimed medals back into the OCIN supply.

    Results - Overall Scoring
        Overall Points Scoring

    Results - Friday, April 6 - Middle Distance at Pyramid Hill
        Friday Middle Results by Class
        Friday Middle Results by Course
        Friday Middle Split Times by Course

    Results - Saturday, April 7 - Classic Distance at Elk Creek
        Saturday Results by Class
        Saturday Results by Course
        Saturday Split Times by Course

    Results - Sunday, April 8 - Middle Distance at Voice of America
        Sunday Results by Class
        Sunday Results by Course
        Sunday Split Times by Course

        Attackpoint Event Listing - discussion threads, split time results, and more

        coming soon

    Route Gadget
        coming soon

        OCIN photo galleries (Mike Minium and Stephanie Ross)
        photos by Furlong47 (Julie Keim)
        OCIN Facebook page