Flying Pig XXIV Results and Photos
including the 2022 Orienteeering USA Junior Nationals
East Fork State Park
April 1-3, 2022


        Mike Minium - Event Director, Sunday Course Setter, Vetting, Map Updates
        Shin Shimizu - Friday Course Setter, Vetting, Map updates, Control Pickup, Packet Prep
        Matthew Robbins - Saturday Course Setter, Results and Download Director, SI Programming
        Peter Goodwin, OUSA Course Consultant
        Guy Olsen - Registrar, Registration Director
        Shane Dawalt - Junior Team Scoring, Control Pickup
        David Williams - Trucking and Logistics, Finish Setup, Equipment
        Joe Roman - Trucking, Start Setup, Equipment, Start Call-up, Snacks and Water
        Pat Meehan - Junior Results, Vetting, Map Preparation
        Ben Hart - Vetting and Control Pickup
        Stephanie Ross - Control Pickup, Photography, Promotion
        Warren Mandrell - Vetting, Packet Prep
        Vicki Huseman - Vetting, Starts
        Chiori Shimizu - Control Pickup, Start Setup
        Rex Settlemoir - Photography, Starts, Site Setup and Teardown
        Amy Lamborg - OCIN President, Volunteer Coordinator, Awards Ceremony, Vetting, Registration
        Beth MacLehose - Route Gadget, Vetting, Starts
        Thurston Miller - Director of Start Operations
        Joseph Ratermann - Start Call-up
        Montana Blevins - Vetting, Starts, Parking
        Scott Eberwine - Vetting and Control Pickup, Packet Prep, Site Teardown
        David Reeder - EMT - Medical
        Dalton Robbins - EMT - Medical
        Dave Waller - Shirt design and ordering
        Catherine Lyerly - Control Pickup, Road Crossing, Vetting
        Theresa Grissom - Packet Prep, Registration
        Claire Dell - Registration
        Kathy Wynkoop - Registration
        Dylan Poe - Control Pickup
        Mattias Eriksson - Start Setup, Control Pickup
        Alex Eriksson - Start Setup, Control Pickup
        Jasper Ralinovsky - Control Pickup, Packet Prep
        Katrina Young - Promotion
        Dylan Gonyer - Site Setup and Teardown, Awards Ceremony
        Camren Cooper - Site Setup and Teardown
        Aleighla Creager - Site Setup and Teardown
        Priscilla Kelley - Site Setup and Teardown
        David Veech - Registration
        Laurie Sydzyik - Starts
        Stevan Vaughan - Vetting and Control Pickup
        Randy Porter - Packet Prep
        Matthew Combs - Packet Prep
        Evan Lunsford - Packet Prep
        Kathy Nickel - Map and Packet Prep
        Tom Cooke - Map and Packet Prep
        Justin Ratliffe - Map and Packet Prep
        Bill Donnelly - Control Pickup
        Andrew Bak - Treasurer
        Clinton Morse - Photography, Saturday Finish Canopy
        Rob Minto - Control Pickup
        Aidan Minto - Control Pickup
        Brenda Blacklock - Control Pickup
        Bob Frey - Map and Packet Prep
        *** Please let us know if you know of any volunteer who was missed. ***
        *** Many of the above volunteers did even more tasks than are listed. ***

    Left Behind: The Clothing
        Contact Mike Minium to claim.
               royal blue Triple 5 hooded jacket, M
               pea green jacket, claimed
               black ski hat, claimed

    Award Medals and Maps
        If you would like award medals or maps mailed to you, please contact Mike Minium
        We will not automatically mail unclaimed medals and maps, but after a few weeks we will recycle unclaimed medals back into the OCIN and OUSA supply.

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    Two Day Individual Sat-Sun Total Times
        Overall Total Times by course
        Overall Total Times by class

    Junior Nationals Team Results
        Overall Team Scores

    Results - Friday, April 1 - Middle Distance at East Fork (north side)
        Friday Middle Results by Class
        Friday Middle Results by Course
        Friday Middle Split Times by Course
        Friday Middle Split Times by Age Class

    Results - Saturday, March 23 - Classic Distance at East Fork (southeast)
        Saturday Results by Class
        Saturday Results by Course
        Saturday Split Times by Course
        Saturday Split Times by Age Class

    Results - Sunday, April 3 - Classic Distance at East Fork Beach
        Sunday Results by Class
        Sunday Results by Course
        Sunday Split Times by Course
        Sunday Split Times by Age Class

        Attackpoint Event Listing - discussion threads, split time results, and more

    Route Gadget
        Route Gadget