Orienteering USA
Promotional Brochure

The brochure "Orienteering: The sport of a lifetime" is an introduction to the sport of orienteering.  It is useful for new members and prospective orienteers.  Many clubs give away this brochure at outdoor shows, outdoor supply stores, and other events where prospective orienteers are likely to be found.

Any Orienteering USA member (individual or club) may order brochures at $15.00 per 100, plus shipping costs.
Inquire for rush or international rates.
estimated prices with ground shipping within USA (may vary by destination):
          200 brochures for $36 (incl. $6 shipping)
          400 brochures for $68 (incl. $8 shipping)
          600 brochures for $100 (incl. $10 shipping)
        1000 brochures for $165 (incl. $15 shipping)
        2000 brochures for $325 (incl. $25 shipping)
        Expect another $25 in shipping for each case of approx. 2000.

                    FREE or reduced price for NEW CLUBS and some special events ... see below

Newly formed USOF chartered orienteering clubs are eligible for a limited supply of free brochures.  Free brochures may also be given to USOF members for use at certain exhibitions and special events.  Contact Mike Minium, mikeminium@aol.com for more information.  Tell why your club or event should qualify for free brochures and how many are needed.  Be sure to include an address which can be used for either post or UPS shipping.

The brochure and content is coprighted by Eva Ruutopold Design and is distributed by agreement with the United States Orienteering Federation.  You may not use the images below without written permission from Eva Ruutopold. Contact Eva Ruutopold, eva.studiobluu@shaw.ca

                        front cover

                        back cover

A stamp or sticker with local club contact information easily fits below USOF's contact information, or inquire to
Mike Minium about having your club logo and contact information printed on the brochures.

View the inside of the brochure