Garr Hill ParkQuest courses

             Garr Hill Boat Ramp, State Route 101 North, Brookville, IN 47012. Locator Map Directions: From Brookville, IN, go north on Indiana route 101 for 5 miles.
             Turn left at Pea Ridge / Garr Hill Rd for 0.9 miles. Large parking lot at boat ramp. Pit toilet available (we suggest byo paper and hand sanitizer)

             Caution: Spring turkey hunting April 22 to May 10. We recommend doing this course before April 21. If you go after turkey season starts, wear orange.

             Report your results and experiences here.
             View who else did the course here.
             Post a selfie of you doing the course (or anything cool you saw on the course) to OCIN's Facebook page.
             If you did the course with anyone else, please be sure that photos show appropriate social distancing.

              Yellow, orange, green, and red are a bit on the long side. Enjoy your time in the woods!
             All controls are marked with two streamers: bright pink and lime green. Please report if any are missing.
             Cell phone coverage is non-existent at the parking area, but you can get signal on the hilltops.

              White course (pdf) 2.2 km, easy
              Yellow course (pdf) 4.7 km, moderate
              Orange course (pdf) 6.0 km, difficult
              Brown course (pdf) 3.8 km, short expert
              Green course (pdf) 7.1 km, expert
              Red course (pdf) 9.0 km, long expert


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