Safety Alert - 2019-2020 Hunting Season:    Avoid training in parks and forests which are open to hunting during gun seasons. Wearing orange is recommended in all areas through all deer seasons. For more information, visit state DNR sites. This list covers deer hunting seasons in Orienteering Cincinnati's normal event areas and does not include elk and bear seasons in Kentucky. There are also extensive hunting seasons for turkey and other game. Check the state DNR pages for details.

   OHIO Deer firearms season is Dec 2-8 and Dec 21-22. Youth gun season is Nov 23-24. Muzzleloader is Jan 4-7. Archery is Sep 28-Feb 2.
         Ohio Department of Natural Resources

   KENTUCKY Deer firearms season is Nov 9 - 24. Youth gun season is Oct 12-13 and Dec 28-29. Muzzleloader is Oct 19-20 and Dec 14-22. Crossbow is Sept 21 - Jan 20. Archery is Sep 7 - Jan 20. Shorter seasons in some areas.
         Kentucky Department of Natural Resources

   INDIANA Deer firearms season is Nov 16 - Dec 1. Youth gun season is Sep 28-29. Muzzleloader is Dec 7-22. Archery is Oct 1 - Jan 5. Special "Reduction Zones" (see DNR website) Sept 15 - Jan 31 (firearms where permitted from Nov 16 to Jan 31).
         Indiana Department of Natural Resources


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