General Butler Results and Photos
March 6-7, 2021

    Left Behind: The Clothing
        Contact Mike Minium to claim.
               several items left at start areas, photos will be here soon


    Award Medals and Maps
        For TROL awards or leftover maps, please contact Mike Minium
        For WARS awards, please contact Greg Fasig.


        OCIN General Butler photos

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    Results TROL-WARS Season Final, March 6
        Overall Times by course
        Overall Times by class

        Split Times by Course

        Split Times by Age Class


    Results Night Score-O Course, March 6
        Night Results by Class
        Night Results by Course
        Night Split Times

    Results Relay, March 7
        Relay Team Results by Class
        Relay Individual Splits by Course

    Results Search and Destroy March 7
        Sunday Search and Destroy Results (coming soon)

        Attackpoint Event Listing - discussion threads, split time results, and more

    Route Gadget
        Route Gadget