Flying Pig XIII Results and Photos
Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the event. I would especially like to thank Cincinnati Parks for co-sponsoring the events and Bobbi Sack, a Cincinnati Parks Naturalist and OCIN volunteer for making the arrangements with Parks which saved OCIN over $1100 in facility fees, plus giving up three days of her vacation time to personally oversee the use and cleanup of the park lodges.

    Route Gadget
        Route Gadget for Team Fundraiser Sprint.

    Results - Friday, April 3 - The Short Pig - McFarlan Woods, Cincinnati, Ohio
        Friday Results by Class (html)
        Friday Results by Class (txt)
        Friday Splits by Class (html)

    Results - Saturday, April 4 - The Pig Sprint - Team USA Fundraiser     Burnet Woods, Cincinnati, Ohio
        Pig Sprint Results by Course (includes split times)

    Results - Saturday, April 4 - United States Relay Championships - Mt Airy Forest, Cincinnati, Ohio
        Relay Team Results
        Relay Results by Course (by combination)
        Relay Results (extended)
        Relay Legs by Class
        Relay Legs by Course (by combination)
        Relay Splits by Course
        Relay Splits by Course (by combination)

    Results -Sunday, April 5 - The Long Pig - Mt Airy Forest, Cincinnati, Ohio
        Sunday Results by class
        Sunday Results by course
        Sunday Splits by class
        Sunday Splits by course

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