Flying Pig XXVI      April 5-7, 2024


2024 Orienteering USA Masters Nationals

Camp Friedlander  and Hueston Woods State Park

Loveland and Oxford Ohio, USA

Total Solar Eclipse – Monday, April 8

Presented by Orienteering Cincinnati





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Director: Mike Minium                                     Registrar: Guy Olsen


Overview   Orienteering Cincinnati will host 3 races over 3 days.  Races will have courses for all ages and abilities and will be open to anyone.  The events will take place in Loveland, Ohio (Friday) and Oxford, Ohio (Sat and Sun).  Stick around for the total solar eclipse on Monday!  See Great American Eclipse website for eclipse details!   The first 400 Flying Pig entrants will get USA made Bill Nye Eclipse Viewing Glasses.


The Races   All races are Nationally Sanctioned by Orienteering USA.  See Race Details (coming soon!) for more detailed information about each race.

            Friday April 5                         Afternoon Middle Distance at Camp Friedlander, Loveland, Ohio

            Sat-Sun, April 6 and 7          2 day total time - Classic Distance Races at Hueston Woods State Park, Oxford, Ohio


Courses and Classes

            Competitive   All standard OUSA competitive courses and classes will be offered.  Competitive entrants should pre-register (link coming soon).

            Recreational   Recreational Courses will be offered at all events.  (white/yellow/orange courses only – more advanced courses are open to event volunteers with permission of event director only)  $10 per individual for each event.  Recreational participants may only enter on day-of-event.   However, you must use the pre-registration system (link coming soon) if you want to purchase extras like dinners, eclipse viewing glasses, etc.



            Orienteering USA Masters Nationals

                        Orienteering USA Championship medals will be given to the first three individual finishers in all age-based classes for age 35 and over.  You must be a current Orienteering USA member at the time of the event (expiration April 7, 2024 or later) in order to earn a championship medal.

            National Ranking Events

                        Flying Pig medals will be given to the first three individual finishers in all classes which are not part of the 2024 Orienteering USA Masters Nationals, for each day’s race.


Embargo Information   (See locator maps – link coming soon) The following areas may not be used for orienteering or orienteering training prior to these events:

            1. Camp Friedlander, Loveland, OH (including Camp Craig and Cub World)

            2. Hueston Woods State Park, Oxford, OH

            Embargo note: The lodge, cottages, and campground at Hueston Woods State Park may be used.  You may drive the main entrance and Main Loop road to access the lodge, cottages, and campground.  You may also use the beach and golf course.  Note that the Lodge Area permanent orienteering course is embargoed.  The Campground Area course is not embargoed.


Park admission / parking fees   At this time, we are not anticipating any parking or admission fees will be charged at either event site.

Safety   All competitors must carry a whistle and dress appropriately for the weather conditions.  Orienteering USA keychain whistles may be purchased with registration for $2.

Mixed Punching   SportIdent electronic punching will be used.  SportIdent Air (SIAC) cards or traditional SI cards may be used on all courses.  If you do not own an SI card, select “renting” when you register.  This will get you a traditional SI card for the weekend.  If you want to upgrade to a rental SI Air card (limited number available, first come first serve), then also choose the upgrade to an SI Air card when you get to the “additional selections” page.  If you have your own SI card but want to use an air card for the weekend, you may also rent an Air card for the weekend.  However, if you choose to rent an Air card, we ask that you use it for ALL of the races that you are entering.

Child Sitting    We will accommodate parents with split start times if requested.  Please let us know as early as possible if you have children who will need tending during the events, and we will try to help you work out an appropriate arrangement.

Lodging and Tourist Activities       See the Lodging and Local Activities page.   We have reserved blocks of rooms for Friday and Saturday nights in the Oxford area.  Due to the solar eclipse and Miami university events, prices are somewhat above normal.  If you want to stay for the eclipse Sunday and or Monday nights, you should contact the hotels as soon as possible – rooms will sell out for those nights and may be at premium prices.


Exclusive Eclipse Viewing Area    For Flying Pig participants and volunteers (and their accompanying family members) only, we have arranged with an orienteer who owns a farm 10-15 miles northwest of Hueston Woods to have access for eclipse viewing on Monday.   You will need to pre-register for a free vehicle pass and ticket(s) when registering for the Pig.  The farm will have approximately 3:31 of totality, nearly 90% of the maximum possible on the centerline of the eclipse.






    Last Day to register without late fee.

11:59 pm

    Last Day to receive registration and fees

11:59 pm

    Practice / Training areas

All day

    Practice / Training areas

All day

    Check-In open at Camp Friedlander


1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

    Middle Distance Starts at Friedlander


2:00 pm – 4:00 pm




    Dinner at



    Guest Speaker:




    Check-In open at Hueston Woods


9:00 am – 11:00 am

    Long Starts at Hueston Woods


10:00 am – Noon










    Dinner at



    Awards from Friday






    Check-In open at Hueston Woods


8:00 am – 10:00 am

    Middle Starts open at Hueston Woods




1:30 pm or earlier

    Eclipse Viewing at --- Farm






            Register online


  Registrar  Guy Olsen (


       Guy Olsen

       17 Gladding Rd

       Caldwell NJ 07006-5804

   Checks payable to OCIN

          (See bottom of page for mailing address)


Competitive entry fees
(on or before date to be announced)



Entry per race

(entering 1 or 2 races.)


Entering all races

Adult age 21+



Adult age 21+
member of USOF, COF, or IOF



Junior age -20



Junior age -20
member of USOF, COF, or IOF



Junior age -20

with TROL season pass




Late fee

    $10 per race late fee for any adult competitive entry received on or after (date tba). ($25 for all 3 events).  $5 per race late fee for any junior competitive entry received on or after (date tba). ($10 for all 3 events).  Reminder that anything sent by mail MUST arrive on or before (date tba).


Recreational Courses

   Recreational Courses will be offered at all events.  $10 per individual for each event.  Recreational participants may enter day-of-event. (Recreational entrants are not eligible for awards or OUSA ranking points).


Sport-Ident e-card rental
   $2 per race.  Must sign agreement to pay $45 for lost or damaged card.  All entrants must use a SportIdent card.  All cards except flat cards should work.   SIAC (Air) cards will be available for rental for an additional $2 per race, with a cost of $80 for a lost or damaged card.   If you are upgrading to an Air card, we ask that you use it for ALL of the races that you are entering.


Preview Maps

    FREE download:  Previously used maps are available for you to download and print yourself for FREE:  (PDF format – link coming soon)

    PRINTS by mail:

    Previously used maps of Hueston Woods $15 for a set.

    A previously used map of Camp Friedlander $10.

    Orders for preview and training maps received by ***date*** will be mailed to you; late orders will be in your packet when you arrive.


Training Maps

    FREE download only:  (to be determined)

    Other permanent and Usynligo (phone app) maps in the Greater Cincinnati area are available on the OCIN ParkQuest page.  Most of these map files have not been updated since they were first posted in very early COVID days (March to May of 2020).


Shirts   Flying Pig shirts will be available through pre-registration.  Shirts designed by Dave Waller must be ordered by the ***date*** regular registration deadline in order to guarantee size.  $21 per shirt for youth and adult thru XXL.  $23 for 3XL and above.  (Event volunteers get a $6 discount)  See the shirt design (jpg link coming soon).  



Banquet Buffet Dinners   Friday evening and Saturday evening?  To be announced

Dinners MUST be ordered by the ***date coming soon***  regular registration deadline.



    All competitors must carry a whistle.  Orienteering USA keychain whistles with red LED light, $2 or flat red OCIN whistle, $1.



    Full refund on or before Mar. 14, less the fees for any training maps, or other materials already sent.  No refunds after Mar. 14, unless exception is granted by the Event Director.   As per OUSA guidelines, if you cancel because you develop symptoms of an infectious disease, you may request a refund of entry fees.


Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Junior Fund
      The Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Junior Fund provides grants to help develop youth orienteering in the Greater Cincinnati area and to assist area youth in traveling to national and international competitions.  As you register for these events, you will have the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution to this fund if desired.  OCIN Junior pages


Registrar  Guy Olsen (


   Checks payable to OCIN

            Guy Olsen, Regsitrar

            17 Gladding Rd

            Caldwell, NJ 07006-5804


Any late mail must go to:

            Mike Minium,

            6797 Stillwell Beckett Rd

            Oxford, OH 45056-8870



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Locator maps and Directions (coming soon)


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