The Flying Pig VIII
Joel Rauschenbach Memorial
U. S. Interscholastic Orienteering Championships and "A" meet
April 16-18, 2004
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Over 400 Photos from Flying Pig VIII and  US Interscholastics
Photos by Matt Robbins
    460 photos: 17 pages of approx. 25 photos each.

Event Information (old)

Frequently asked questions about this event

Site Locator Map

Mapper's Notes, Course Setter's Notes and Embargo areas
    Mapper's Notes Page also includes gas prices & weather forecast.

How to Use Electronic Punching

Start Times / List of Entrants

NEW: Lunch available for purchase at event sites
    Students from The Colony HS will be selling lunches of burgers, dogs, chips, drink and dessert on Saturday and Sunday, near the finish area, during lunch hours.  Look for details at the event sites.  Expected "lunch deal" price of $5.

Model Area open Friday
    Bruce McAlister is planning to set up a model course for practice Friday morning and evening before and after the MVOC meet. This will be a short brown course at Hueston Woods State Park (course used for the 2000 U.S. Short Course Championships). Advantages of doing this training: Hueston Woods was mapped by same mappers as Mounds and Garr Hill, and course was set by the same course setter (Mike Minium). Course will be staffed 9 am - Noon and 5 pm - 8 pm (Ohio times) on Friday. Maps will be available for $5. Start/Finish is at Locust Grove Picnic Area in southwest part of park. From Oxford, take OH 732 north for 5 miles, and turn left into park. Go 1 mile and turn left on Main Loop Road. Go 4-5 miles and turn right into Locust Grove Picnic Area.

Recreational Courses
    Recreational courses will be available all 3 days. Cost is $5. Register at site, at least 1 hour before start closing time. Recreational courses will be available to all on white, yellow and orange. Experienced orienteers may be permitted to do "recreational" on advanced courses, with permission from Event Director. Recreational Orienteers will not have your times published, and you may have to copy the course from a master map, depending on availability of surplus pre-marked maps.

Survey for College-bound High School Seniors
    Coaches and Seniors: USOF's College Development Committee has put together a short survey for college-bound seniors. The results will be used to better target USOF's efforts to build a more competitive college orienteering program in the USA, including establishment of new college clubs and teams, and development of competitors to travel to the World University Orienteering Championships. Please pick up and fill out a survey at the registration table.

Weekend Festivals in Oxford
    Saturday 1 pm - 4 pm- "Global Village" Live entertainment and free food. Sunday 11 am - 11 pm - "Harpin' and Pickin'" Bluegrass and Appalachian Culture Festival - crafts, food, music and more. Both events take place in Uptown park, junction of US 27 (High St) and OH 732 (Main St) in Oxford. Expect street closures in central Oxford from 9 am Sunday to 1 am Monday.

General Information

    The U.S. Interscholastic Orienteering Championship is a two-day, total time event, offering both INDIVIDUAL and TEAM competiton for U.S. High School and Middle School students.     The "A" meet will also offer courses for all orienteers of all ages.
    The Friday "Pig Sprint" is a one-day short course "A" meet with separate awards, and is an ideal warm-up for the two-day Interscholastic competition.
    The terrain is described in the Mapper's and Course Setter's Notes.   Control Descriptions: ISCD 2004 will be used!  Also, Safety whistles and weather appropriate attire are required.

The Pig Sprint, Friday, April 16
    A short-course format event with late afternoon starts. 1:10,000 map, 3 m. contours
    Woodland Trails BSA Camp, Camden, Ohio.  The camp is located on Gasper-Somers Rd on the west side of US 127, 2 miles north of Camden, Ohio.  (14 miles south of I-70 exit #10).  The new map covers the western part of Woodland Trails and will cover different area from the maps used in last year's Flying Pig.  Allow 30 minutes for walk to start.     Site Locator Map

U.S. Interscholastics, Day One, Saturday, April 17
    1:10,000 map, 5 m. contours, classic distance courses.
   farsta format courses for M-21+ and F-21+ ONLY.
    Garr Hill Ramp on Brookville Lake, Franklin County, Indiana.  The park entrance is on Indiana route 101, several miles north of Brookville, Indiana.  Allow 30 minutes for bus ride to start.  (M-21+ and F-21+ will not use bus).  Note: F-21+ will be separate from the other red course. M 35+ et. al. will ride the bus.     Site Locator Map

U.S. Interscholastics, Day Two, Sunday, April 18
    1:10,000 map, 5 m. contours, classic distance courses.
    Mounds State Recreation Area, Franklin County, Indiana.  The park entrance is located on Indiana route 101, several miles north of Brookville, Indiana.     Park entry fee will be collected on arrival:
        $2 per Indiana car, $5 per non-Indiana car, $1 per bus passenger or walk-in.
        Please have money ready and a count of people in your vehicle when you enter the park.
        We've offered to collect this fee in advance, but the park administration declined.
        If 300 vehicles take 1 minute each, that's a 5 hour backup... So please HAVE EXACT FEE READY!
        (and, if you arrive early enough, you might not have to pay at all.)
    Allow 30 minutes for walk to start.     Site Locator Map

    The events of Flying Pig VIII will take place in TWO time zones.
    Clocks in Indiana stay on STANDARD Time year-round.
    Please check the schedule closely. Know the time zone for your motel!
    If you are late for your start, you will be "on the clock" from your original time!
  Indiana   Ohio Times on this table are tentative as of 30 March 2004
Standard Time
(same as Central
Daylight Time)
Eastern Daylight
Savings Time
Note: You may hear locals refer to EST (Indiana) as "slow time"
and EDT (Ohio) as "fast time".
February 15, 2004 10 student per school cap on entries has been lifted.
March 1, 2004 Fees increase for entries postmarked after March 1.
March 31, 2004 Registration is CLOSED - no exceptions
April 16, 2004
  11 am - 5 pm Noon - 6 pm Check-in & packet pickup open at Woodland Trails, Ohio
  Noon - 2:30 pm 1 pm - 3:30 pm Short Course (The Pig Sprint) starts
  5 pm 6 pm 2.5 hour limit, courses close
  3 pm - 5:30 pm 4 pm - 6:30 pm Dinner to benefit US Junior Team at Woodland Trails, Ohio
April 17, 2004
  7 am - 11 am 8 am - Noon Packet pick-up at Garr Hill Ramp, Indiana
  7:30 am 8:30 am M-21+ and F-21+ Farsta Mass Start, Garr Hill, Indiana
  9 am - 1 pm 10 am - 2 pm Classic Course Starts, Garr Hill, Indiana
Allow 30 minutes for bus to start.
  4 pm 5 pm 3 hour limit, courses close
  3 pm - 6 pm 4 pm - 7 pm Showers open at Union County MS
  5 pm - 7 pm 6 pm - 8 pm Dinner to benefit US Junior Team at Union County MS
Music by Mellow Drama following dinner.
April 18, 2004
  8 am - 11:30 am 9 am - 12:30 pm Classic Course Starts, Mounds SRA, Indiana,
Allow 30 minutes for walk to start.
  3 pm 4 pm 3 hour limit, courses close
  2:30 pm 3:30 pm Awards Ceremony (earlier if possible)

U.S. Interscholastic Championship
    There are awards for both INDIVIDUALS and TEAMS.   Every participant is automatically entered as an individual.   Teams are composed of 3 to 5 members, who compete individually.   The best three times from each day count toward team standings.  Teams may be single-sex or mixed.  Before February 15, schools were limited to 10 individual entrants.  We allowed additional competitive entrants until the March 31 deadline.
Interscholastic Courses.  Entries will be limited to 180 per individual class.
Middle School High School Junior Varsity High School Varsity
Individual Classes MS-Male MS-Fem. HSJV-Male HSJV-Fem. HSV-Male HSV-Fem.
Team Classes MS-Team HSJV-Team HSV-Team

    Eligibility:  USOF membership is required.
       USOF Membership Form
       Interscholastic Eligibility Rules    Complete USOF eligibility rules were updated at the Board Meeting on November 1, 2003.  This version is complete, but could still contain minor typographical inconsistencies.
    Attention Coaches: If you have questions or concerns about the eligibility of a particular student, you must contact the USOF office before March 1, 2004, and apply for an official determination of the student's eligibility.  It is not necessary for the coach to commit the person to his/her team at that time.  E-mail Robin Shannonhouse for more information.

"A" Meet Courses and Classes
        All standard USOF competitive courses and classes will be offered. (See entry form)
        Interscholastic competitors should see "U.S. Interscholastic Championship" categories above.
        All competitive entrants should pre-register.
        Recreational Courses will be offered on white, yellow and orange for $5.
        Advanced courses may be done "recreational" with permission of Event Director only.
        Recreational entrants should register on site on the day of the event, at least 1 hour before the last start time.

    There will be a farsta format event on Saturday for M-21+ and F-21+ only.  The farsta will have an early mass start and the map-exchange and finish will be near event parking, so all orienteers can watch the excitement of the chase!  Excellent spectating opportunity to see the best orienteers in North America in action!  We plan to bring back a farsta format for other courses at future Pigs.

    Awards for top 3 Interscholastic Individuals and Teams:
        High School Varsity
        High School Junior Varsity
        Middle School
    JROTC awards for teams composed entirely of eligible JROTC members will be given in HIgh School divisions. No separate JROTC awards for Middle School teams..
    Brunton Cups:  traveling trophies for the MS, JROTC and HSV winning teams.

    The Sport-Ident electronic punching system will be used for all courses.  If you own an SI card, be sure to put your SI number on the registration form.  How to Use Electronic Punching
    SI-5 or SI-6 cards will work with all controls.  Upgrading of both USOF and OCIN control units has been completed.     Rental cards are available.    (The M-21+ and F-21+ farsta on Saturday WILL use conventional pin punching.

    All maps will be 1:10,000.  Woodland Trails has 3 m. contours, Garr Hill and Mounds have 5 m. contours.  Maps have all seen recent fieldwork revision and will be custom printed for this event.

Preview Maps
    Existing maps of these areas will be available for $5 each.  "Preview" maps do not show the course you will be running.  They will not show the latest fieldwork updates.  "Preview" maps may not include newly mapped terrain.
           Woodland Trails (WT) (1:10,000) (Friday)
           Garr Hill (GH) (1:15,000, 1999) (new map will be 1:10,000) (Saturday)
           Mounds SRA (MSRA) (1:15,000, 1996) (new map will be 1:10,000) (Sunday)

    T-shirts designed by OCIN artist extraordinaire, Greg Sack.

    Dinner proceeds will benefit U.S. Junior Team.  We are planning dinners for both Friday and Saturday nights.  Friday dinner will be available at Woodland Trails as you finish running.   Friday menu will include a choice of hamburgers, hot dogs, or veggie burgers; potato salad, baked beans, chips, carrots and celery sticks, pickles and olives, ice tea, lemonade, coffee, cookies & brownies.   Saturday menu is planned to be sliced turkey breast & gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, salad, rolls, apple & pumpkin pie, ice tea, lemonade, coffee.  If you require a vegetarian entree, you must write that on your entry form.  Thanks, Janet Porter, for organizing the dinners.  Showers will be available at the Saturday dinner site.   Bring your own towel and soap, please.

    Camping is available at Mounds SRA and Hueston Woods.   Many motels are nearby.  Make reservations early.     Click here for lodging information

Child Sitting
    Nobody requested Child Sitting, so it will NOT be offered.

Frequently asked questions     Event Director:  Mike Minium,   (513) 523-9279

    Registration is now CLOSED.
    Printable entry forms are linked below, for your reference.
    Be SURE to sign the waiver form. Your entry is not confirmed until we receive the signed waiver!

    Printable Entry Form for "A" meet (NON-interscholastic) entrants (html version)

    Printable Entry Form for INTERSCHOLASTIC entrants (html version)

    Teams must fill out a Team Entry and Eligibility Form, IN ADDITION TO individual entry forms. Teams MUST list a coach and contact information.


    Mail forms to:     Vince Hand,            511 East Chestnut St,            Oxford, OH  45056
    Make checks payable in US$ to: OCIN.

Entry Fees
    If you are not entering all 3 days, please clearly specify which days you are entering.  Please clearly print all information, especially your e-mail address.  Double check your USOF and SI numbers for accuracy!

    Entry fee per competition day
            Interscholastic competitors: $15 before March 1, $20 before April 1
                 (This includes USOF member discount, USOF membership is mandatory)
            Adult (age 21+) Non-interscholastic competitors: $20 before March 1, $25 before April 1
                 (-$3 discount for USOF members: $17 before March 1, $22 before April 1)
            Junior (age -20) Non-interscholastic competitors: $18 before March 1, $23 before April 1
                 (-$3 discount for USOF members: $15 before March 1, $20 before April 1)
    Sport-ident e-card rental
            $5 for entire weekend.  Must sign agreement to pay $35 for lost or damaged card.
    Pig VIII commemorative t-shirt
            $15 each (Be sure to specify size: S, M, L, XL, XXL)
    Preview Maps
            $5 each  (Specify: WT - Woodland Trails, GH - Garr Hill, MSRA - Mounds St. Rec. Area)
        Friday: $5 for all
        Saturday; $7 for age -20, $9 for age 21+

Joel Rauschenbach Memorial
    We've named the 2004 U.S. Interscholastic Championships and Flying Pig VIII in honor of Joel Rauschenbach.  Joel began orienteering at about age 11, and by his late teens, he had become one of the best junior orienteers in the United States.  He was one of the youngest orienteers ever to win a "blue" course at an "A" meet and one of the youngest competitors to represent his country at the Junior World Orientering Championships.  After graduating from Eaton High School (Ohio), Joel joined the US Army.  He served 6 months in Afghanistan.  After returning from Afghanistan, and shortly before Flying Pig VII, which he planned to attend, Joel was killed in an automobile accident.  Joel was an enthusiastic supporter of orienteering, and he organized several OCIN events including the first Billy Pig.  We honor his memory at this year's Interscholastic Championships.
Photos and stories about Joel


Printable Entry Form for INTERSCHOLASTIC entrants (html version)

Printable Entry Form for "A" meet (NON-interscholastic) entrants (html version)

Each Interscholastic team will also need to fill out a Team Entry and Eligibility Form

Interscholastic Eligibility Rules

USOF Membership Form

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Mapper's Notes, Course Setter's Notes and Embargo areas

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