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Tri State Orienteering League (TROL)

2019 - 2020 Competition Rules

The 2019 – 2020 Season will consist of competitive events beginning on November 9, 2019 and
ending in March, 2020.  A complete list of all dates and events can be found on the OCIN calendar.

Each competitive event will offer at least 4 courses of varying difficulty, based on the U.S. Orienteering Federation’s
color system.  It is recommended that all students begin on the easiest level course (white) and move to more difficult
courses only when they have successfully completed courses at the preceding level.  Students may
stay at any level for any number of events, and may move back to an easier level if they find they have advanced
too quickly.  In some cases, league officials may prohibit a student from entering a difficult course
if the student has not proven ability to complete a course at that level or the next lower level within a reasonable time.

Students may do courses at practice events in pairs or threes.  At competitive events, only students doing courses
as individuals will be eligible for competitive scores.  Students wishing to practice or develop skills will generally
be allowed to do courses in groups, but may have to wait until after individual competitors have started.

 White course –novice.  Students new to orienteering and those not yet confident in their abilities should do the white course. Competitive course for Grade 6 and younger.
 Yellow course – middle school division (grade 8 and younger).  High school students who are learning orienteering may also do this course non-competitively.
 Orange Course – high school junior varsity.  Any student may do this course.
 Green course – high school varsity.  Students should only enter a varsity level course if they have previously completed orange level or higher courses.

 Season awards will be given to the top 5 individuals (male and female) and the top 3 schools in each division.

 Individual Event Scoring
  The fastest eligible male and female finisher in each division will be awarded 1000 points.  Slower finishers
will be assigned a lower number of points, based on time behind the winner.  Any student who finishes the course
will receive at least 200 points regardless of time.  Students who return within the course time limit but without finding
all control points will receive between 0 and 200 points, based on the number of controls found.  Students
who exceed the time limit or are disqualified for rules violations will receive 0 points.

 Individual Season Scoring
  An individual’s best 6 events on the same level course during the season will count.  If an individual competes
in more than 6 events, his/her best 6 will be counted and his/her worst score(s) dropped.  If an individual competes
in 5 or fewer events on the same level course, all events will count.  Note that it is possible that an individual who
only runs in 4 or 5 events, but does very well each time could still end up with a very high season ranking.

 School Team Scoring
  A school’s 3 best finishers on a particular course at each event will give the school a team score
for that event.  A school’s best 6 event scores will be used for the season awards.

Rules of competition
 The Orienteering USA Rules of Competition will apply.  Students will do the course as individuals
and will not ask for or receive help while on the course.  League officials reserve the right to bar any student
who willfully disrupts the competition, interferes with another competitor, or commits malicious, harmful or illegal acts
while participating in League events.  Each student shall carry a safety whistle while on the course.  Whistles are to be used in case of medical emergency only.

 Any student who is enrolled full-time in grade 12 or younger, in any public, private or home school in the greater
Cincinnati tri-state area is eligible.  A student must attend the school which he/she represents in
the competition.  The League officials reserve the right to rule on the eligibility of an individual student.

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