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Orienteering Cincinnati
Membership Information

Members of Orienteering Cincinnati receive  e-mail updates about
coming events and orienteering news.  Members get a discount on
entry fees at most local events.  Most other orienteering clubs in the
USA offer reciprocal discounts.

Join OCIN and pay online

To join or renew by mail, please print this page, complete this form, and mail it along with a
check made payable to Orienteering Cincinnati to the address shown here.

            Shane Dawalt
            7073 Fallen Oak Trace
            Centerville, Ohio 45459 

To contact Shane, please send email  shaned173@gmail.com

Individual $15 / year x ___ years       Family $25 / year x ___ years

New Member ___        Renewal ___

If renewing, is there any change to name, address, email, family status, etc.? yes___        no___

Name_____________________________   Year Born_______

Street Address_______________________________________


City_____________________ State______ Zip______-______

Phone (______)_______-__________


Are you a member of US Orienteering Federation?  __yes      __no

If family membership, list names and year born below:




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